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What is astrology

Astrology is a universal language that speaks not only to ourselves but we can talk to each other , and even better to understand ourselves first. The young initiate must first learn the alphabet ( symbols ), its conjugation ( aspects ) and then begins to build its first sentences ( interpretation ), it can then increase vocabulary (adding dummy points per example ) and perfect grammar ( use side aspects, determination of dominant etc ....) .
Like any living language , astrology is of course related to his time and the people who practice it, as it comes in various dialects , each with its emphasis ( highlighted certain criteria ) and specific rules : it s' These different schools ( karmic , conditionnaliste , cosmo-biological ... ) but also different astrologies (Indian , Celtic, Chinese ... ) which ultimately deal with all of the same reality and the same desire to translate the analogy principles of life by a series of recursive symbols and combined to infinity.
Also like any language , astrology has exceptions to its own rules and it always seems to me dangerous and futile to try to establish principles and definitive theories that deny or less the willingness of the nature of being fanciful and elusive because constant renewal. Astrology evolved alongside humans and therefore can not be frozen at any time in history.
Finally , astrology follows a pattern of interpretation pyramid upside down : the base is formed by the general rules , followed by the more advanced rules and the rules for his school and his era and finally the rules of individual himself. For each individual expresses himself in his own way with his own words in a complex pattern reflecting both its nature ( its theme ) , his education and environment. Also, to understand the language of the speaker, the astrologer should always make the effort, if possible , to assimilate the operations first and reactivity associated with a person so that his interpretation work translated more than just the subtleties and intricacies of each.
Everyone speaks the same language but not in the same way , all the work of the astrologer is to make the originality and the particularities of each individual is challenging to label people into artificial categories.

Astrology is of course also an art because it needs to be attentive to the world and involves a desire to recreate the world in a different and original form . The practice of astrology is close to artistic practice :
As a musician, the astrologer must recognize and know how to use keys ( elements), rhythms ( called triplicity ) , silences (signs intercepted planets without aspects) and achieve a harmony in its interpretation.
Like the painter , the astrologer must be able to understand the mix of colors and the results generated by these complex combinations (multiple aspects) in order to make the best reality that appears at once so simple and so cryptic .
As the photographer, the astrologer must know how to work on a snapshot ( the chart ) allowing to express all shades while highlighting the main subject (dominant) .
As the dancer , the astrologer must be carried away by the melody of a theme and give rise to an original choreography, fluid and responsive ( interpretation ) in .
As an actor, the astrologer must be empathetic and able to slip into the skin of the person tries to interpret it must learn to balance wisely what comes of it and what comes from another, be both a developer and an analyst to highlight the profound nature of people and situations .
As a writer, astrologer must know how to choose his words and build their sentences to make precisely his thoughts and intuitions. His story must always be coherent and realistic and must be able to anticipate the future ( Horoscope ) .
Metaphors about it could of course be multiplied but we will retain the final this extremely simple definition of Francis Bacon, which could just as well speak of astrology :
"Art is man added to nature. "


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